Cleric of Lathander


Age: 17
Height: 5’5"
Hair: Red
Eyes: Gold
Skin: Fair


Elenya is a 17 year old acolyte of the church of Lathander in the humble cliffside town of Nightstone. Orphaned, and found by the Morninglord Alexander, he raised her as if she was his own daughter, instilling in her the values of piety, dedication, and kindheartedness. She had a lonely childhood, mostly ostracized because of her unsettling but beautiful golden eyes and uncommonly long copper hair. A self conscious child, Alexander found her a private tutor (the tiefling sorceress Vala) to train her in the art of magic, while he trained her in weaponry. Vala became like a big sister to her, and taught her to try and overcome her worries about what other people thought of her.
Alexander, being the head of the church here, was a part of the council of Gygax that oversaw relations between the many races. A festival was being planned for the celebration of long lasting peace, and Alexander was needed. He decided it was time for Elenya to finally tag along and get some experience of the world outside of her tiny, quiet home town.


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