The Professor

Bard of Lore, Wizard of Invention


Height: 6’
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: White



The tour of the capital city of Gygax brings many faces to the home of the Lasting Council. One such face is a studious looking man appearing to be 35 in age, wearing a rather fine button-down vest with a black coat and trousers. The curious man fiddles with the purple gem atop his small wand as the tour guide mumbles through the script he’s read a thousand times before. The Professor (as he is known) spent this journey to Gygax as he would spend any other trip; drifting in his thoughts.

He had exhausted the last decade trying to return to his distant home (a home from which he had barely been welcome in to begin with, but it was home nonetheless). He thought of his father, a government official name The Monitor, who was more a father in genealogical terms than in any meaningful way. His mother, The Watchmaker, was the only parent he ever needed anyways. An inventor of fantastic contraptions, she instilled in the Professor a profound affection for ingenuity and curiosities.

And love.

Here, in his cloistered childhood, the Professor learned that the key to self determination and discovery could be found in the pursuit of the unknown. Regrettably, the key to his own self discovery also wrought ire from the very heart of the governmental seat his Father occupied. New decrees on acceptable areas of research forced the professor and his research partner, The Herald, to continue their work in secret. Time was not to be meddled with.

So, naturally, The Professor meddled anyhow.

On the eve of what was to be their greatest breakthrough, fate had different plans. In a flash, the Professor found himself hurled far from his own home. Gaps in his memory made a bad situation worse, the Herald was nowhere in sight, and thus began the decade of wandering Kadoor. The aimless, pointless wandering.

The beast to which the carriage is strapped steps hard into the ground, coming to a stop, and jostling The Professor back to the present. Away from his regrets over a lost decade of solitary, fruitless searching, the smile he usually wears creeps back onto his face. In that moment the Professor relented to a thought that had been eating at him for the better part of his years in this strange land.

“As ill advised as it may be…”, He thought to himself…

“I may need some help…”

The Professor

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